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I know it's been an INSANELY long time since I posted something here. BUT, I'm going to do a better job of staying in touch. I promise. Worry not... I know you were so worried...

SO... 2016 was a terribly wretched year for a lot of people, but I wanna reiterate that THIS is a chance to start over. In fact, EVERY SINGLE DAY is a restart. A chance to hit the "refresh" button. We can ALL turn this ship around. So let's be a light in this world, eh? Let's be GOOD to one another. Let's have EMPATHY. Let's treat each other with respect and LOVE, dammit! Let's be grateful. Let's embrace each day as if it were our last, savoring every moment like it's a morsel of mac 'n' cheese.

As for me, I'm pretty f-ing excited about 2017 for several reasons... One being that I'm finally finished with my first short film, entitled THE CHOOSING. I spent all of last year in post-production, and am ready to hit the festival circuit. Of course, I'll be updating you all RIGHT HERE as soon as I have info on screenings, etc.

IN ADDITION, I'll be appearing in season 2 of HAP AND LEONARD, an amazing show on the SUNDANCE CHANNEL. If you don't have the Sundance Channel, the episodes will be available to purchase on AMAZON, ITUNES, etc. I am a new recurring character, and it was an absolute privilege to be a part of such an enthralling and important story that's told in the show's new season.

FINALLY, I'll be releasing my BRAND NEW acoustic record, one song at a time, every two weeks. The FIRST SONG, "The Same Old Streets", will be available to stream on my Soundcloud and YouTube channel on Monday, January 16th.

I truly hope that this year is a game-changer for all of you, filled with risks, love, gratifying work, and chill times. Be good to one another. Don't judge. Have empathy. Be a light.

Truly Yours,


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