Coldwater Canyon Vol. 1!!!

My brand new EP, Coldwater Canyon Vol. 1 is officially out there in the world, and you can listen/purhcase it on my Bandcamp page. You can find the "Bandcamp" button on the homepage of this very site, or you can just click on the link below:

I also wanted to show some love to the people who added their talents to the tracks...

"Last Stop for Us"

Aaron Christian Howles: Drums, guitar solo before 3rd verse

Stephanie Lynn, Jack Gravina, and Matt Nelson: Gang vocals on the choruses

"Not a Day Goes By"

Matt Nelson: Gang vocals on the choruses

"Just Keep Walking"

Jack Gravina: Piano, harmonies/backing vocals

Aaron Christian Howles: Drums, Electric guitar

"Cemetery for My Soul"

David Tenczar: Harmonies/backing vocals, electric guitar

Aaron Christian Howles: Drums

Matt Nelson: Gang vocals on last chorus

"Right the Ship"

Tina Rodriguez: Harmonies/backing vocals

#evangamble #ColdwaterCanyon #AaronChristianHowles #DavidTenczar #MCG #JackGravina #MagicHour #MattNelson #ForewordProductions #ForewordStudio #TinaRodriguez

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